At Method Electrical Services, we install network cabling for businesses and establishments throughout Dandenong and the surrounding areas.

Whether you require minor additions, like extra networking points, or are relocating or installing a brand new system, our expert technicians have the knowledge to get your network up and running as quickly as possible.

Network cabling dandenong

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Fully qualified, with years of experience, our network cable installers can provide you with a complete service, from design through to installation. Our specialists are committed to ongoing development and support and always carry out work to the very highest standards, using the latest equipment and technology.

Recognising the requirements of the industries we serve, we know that having a properly installed network cable infrastructure is essential to many organizations, as it forms the backbone of communications for their business.

We also understand that every project and client is different and we will fully consult with all of our customers before starting any project to ensure that our service is properly tailored to meet their needs and budget.

Working accurately and efficiently to minimize any downtime or disruption, we can easily work around you and your business and see that you are kept connected, so you can stay connected with your customers.


Our network mapping experts can install CAT5e, CAT6, or CAT6a data cabling systems, or fibre optic cabling, depending on your exact needs.

With the size of data files and the popularity of VOIP (voice over IP) telephone communications continually increasing, choosing the right Ethernet cabling system is now more important than ever.

To achieve the best return of investment in your business’s cabling infrastructure, you must ensure that the cabling you select will deliver the quality and performance you need.

Method Electrical Services are experts in this field and can guarantee that any cable infrastructures we install will correctly meet your requirements for speed and volume, now and into the future.

Network Cabling Dandenong

CAT5e Cabling 1Gb

While higher performance cables like CAT6 and CAT6a are available, CAT5e is still a very popular and commonly used standard.

CAT5e supports 1Gb networking and is sufficient for most businesses who only need basic internet and email access and use software programs like Word and Excel which won’t really benefit from the added speeds that CAT6 and CAT6a provide.

Network Cabling Dandenong

CAT6 Cabling 1Gb

Like CAT5e, CAT6 cabling also supports 1Gb networking. However, as CAT6 uses all four pairs within the cable, it can handle a larger number of data packets than CAT5e at gigabit speed, which means decreased data loss. If you need to send larger files, such as CAD files, over a network, CAT6 is the cabling of choice.

Network Cabling Dandenong

CAT6a Cabling 10Gb

CAT6a cabling can run 10Gb of Ethernet up to 100 metres and is used mainly in data centres or links between networking cabinets.

Network Cabling Dandenong

Fibre Optic Cabling 10Gb and 40Gb

As its name suggests, fibre optic cabling is optical and uses photons (units of light) to transfer data. Fibre optic cabling provides the highest speeds and the least data loss and can be run over greater distances than any wired cabling.

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