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CCTV Installation Melbourne

What is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)? It’s a camera system connected to a network that records video data but does not publicly distribute it. All the elements of the system (display monitors, recording devices, cameras) are connected. CCTV is primarily for surveillance and security purposes for such instances as;

  • Home Security
  • Monitoring Traffic
  • Public Transportation
  • Business Surveillance
  • School Protection

With our experience and our instance on using only the best products and materials, you can trust the team at Method Electrical Services to provide a superior security camera installation service throughout Melbourne’s metro area.

Installed in strategic locations in the property’s interior or exterior, the presence of our cameras alone acts as an effective deterrent against break ins or vandalism. Our reliable, prompt, and affordable security camera installation service helps Melbourne business and homeowners sleep soundly knowing that their property is under the watchful and unblinking eye of one or many CCTV cameras.

Home Security Camera Installation Service

For years the team at Method Electrical Services have delivered modern and effective security and monitoring solutions to properties across Melbourne.

Security systems detect intrusions and unauthorised entry into residential, commercial or industrial premises. Along with workplaces, CCTV cameras are highly-effective in safeguarding the condition of homes and living spaces. Our affordable and effective home security camera installation gives Melbourne residents peace of mind when they turn off their lights to go to sleep for the night.

The safety of your family, possessions and business should be of the highest priority. Method Electrical will treat you in just that way, a high priority. Our personalised and detailed approach guarantees that our valued customers are treated with the care and respect that they deserve. To discover more about our exceptional CCTV security camera installation in Melbourne call us directly on 0439 881 189.

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